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Weather in AYIA NAPA

The weather in Ayia Napa during peak season June until September is some of the warmest in Europe! In Short- the Weather in Ayia Napa is beautiful! Napa is lucky enough to have next to no rain at all from June until September which makes it the perfect holiday destination. One thing is for certain warm weather and blue skies are guaranteed. Please read below for details of Ayia Napa weather. Make sure you remember to pack your swim wear and have you sun screen ready!

The Average Temperature in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is warm throughout the summer months with highs of 32 degrees and lows of 18 degrees celsius. As presented in Diagram 1 you can see that July and August are the warmest months in Ayia Napa, it is unlikely that you will need any outer layers even during the evening in any of the summer months! The weather is perfect for partying in the sun so make sure you bring your swim wear for the Pambos Pool Party.

Average yearly rainfall in ayia-napa
Average temperature in Zante

Ayia Napa Sun Hours

In June the Average Ayia Napa sun hours for the months hit around 360 hours increasing to 400 hours in July and dropping to 380 hours in August as shown on Diagram 2. This is fantastic news for all of you looking to catch a tan whilst on your Ayia Napa holiday as you can sun bathe around the pool or on the beach all day long long! So what did this mean on your Party Holiday in Napa? Well it means that you can party until around 8pm at the Pambos Pool Party. it Means that you can party in the sun all day and witness the beautiful Sunset at the famous Monday Club Rooftop Party.

Water Temperature in Ayia Napa

The sea temperature in Ayia Napa is really warm all summer long. The Water Temperature in Ayia Napa starts increasing in June to 24 degrees celsius and it keeps rising to 26 in July and it reaches its peak with an average of 28 degrees in August as shown in Diagram 3. The sea temperature then starts to drop down to 26 again in September. This means there is no excuse not to go for a splash in the sea or swim around the hidden caves or coves around Ayia Napa. If you want to do a boat party in Ayia Napa then be sure to check out Fantasy Boat Party. You can purchase tickets from your My Party Holiday reps or online here.

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Rainfall In Ayia Napa

So you have escaped the UK and its miserable weather and finally land in Ayia Napa. What are the chances of it raining in Ayia Napa? There is little to no chance of rain in Ayia Napa during the summer season June July and August. As shown in Diagram 4 June sees hardly any rain at all, July will less than 20mm and August 40mm. Comparing this to 60-70mm per month on average in the UK over the same period. As shown in Diagram 5 there is likely to be one rainy day during the month of June and July and 2 in August so no need to pack your umbrella!